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How to Choose the Perfect Accessories for Your Bridesmaids

Once you have chosen the team behind you, your bridesmaids, it is time to help them choose their dresses. This is an incredibly exciting time, with your best friends and family helping you choose your wedding dress, and in turn complementing your big day in style. The accessories you choose for your bridesmaids can have a big impact on the overall aesthetics of the wedding day, setting everything off perfectly.

The first thing to do is to consider the style, the size of the accessories, and how many accessories you want for your bridesmaids. It is important to be as specific as possible at this stage, as it will help to get things exactly as you want them, as early as possible. Absolutely no bride wants the stress of dealing with bridesmaid accessories in the last few weeks running up to a wedding.

The second consideration should be whether you offer up simplicity and tell your girls that you want their accessories to be in a certain colour, or that it should be a specific style. It is important that your bridesmaids are as co-ordinated, and so you need to provide them with as much information as possible, especially if you have a clear look in mind.

Coordination is important, as it pays off in terms of aesthetic and in your wedding photos to have all of your bridesmaids with the same focus, whether that is with earrings, or a necklace, bracelet etc. This is where bridal accessories really come into their own and help to create the finished picture.

Always get together with your bridesmaids as early in the process as possible, asking them for ideas and thoughts on how it should all look. Remember though, it is your big day and you should always have the final say.

Your bridesmaids are an incredibly important part of your big day. They are your support team, and all of us here at The Bridal Dressing Rooms, in Portsmouth, understands how helpful this can be to every single bride. Choosing the accessories for your bridesmaids will help to set the tone, complementing your bridal gown and playing into the general aesthetic of the entire wedding.

We have years of experience, as a mother and daughter team, of helping brides and their bridesmaids to find the perfect dresses and accessories for weddings of various styles. If you would like to book an appointment with us for a wedding dress fitting, and for us to help you choose the accessories for your bridesmaids, please feel free to contact Nicola or Josette today on (023) 92 170 320 or you can fill out our simple wedding dress appointment form.

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