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How Far in Advance Should I Buy My Wedding Dress?

If you are looking for a bridal shop in Portsmouth to help you plan your perfect wedding day, you are in the right place at The Bridal Dressing Rooms. Once you have been through the excitement of the proposal and you’ve started to plan the big day with your loved one, it is a fantastic time to get swept up in the emotion of it all. After all, it is going to be the best day of your life.

As a bride, it is easy to lose track of your timescales however, and that is where Nicola and Josette at The Bridal Dressing Rooms come in and are ready to help. We have served countless brides over the years, delivering our handpicked designer bridal gowns to a wide range of brides. We have catered for many different types of weddings and themes, and we are always happy to put our brides at ease, helping them to choose the perfect bridal gown and work to a schedule that fits them perfectly.

When it comes to planning your wedding, how far in advance should you buy your wedding dress?

It is important to be as prepared as you possibly can be for all aspects of your wedding. What we would say is that most of our brides will come for their first wedding dress appointment with us anywhere between 9-months to a year before the wedding date itself. We find this is a good time, as it provides us with plenty of time to make any necessary adjustments, to check in with the bride at regular intervals and for her to let us know if there are any changes further down the line. Despite this, we can also accommodate those who might be on a bit of a tighter schedule and looking for a wedding dress in a much shorter space of time.

In the weeks running up to the wedding you’ll have your final dress fitting and it will be at this point that we’ll go through exactly how to put the dress on carefully, and give tips and advice to your maid of honour (or whoever will be helping you at this point).

Nicola and Josette welcome you to the finest bridal shop in Hampshire – The Bridal Dressing rooms. We are a mother and daughter team with plenty of experience and a history of helping brides find the right style of bridal gown for their wedding. Every single bride has her own story to tell and her own journey to go on. For us, it is about welcoming a bride and her family and friends for a wedding dress fitting, making them feel as comfortable as possible and ensuring that the bride makes the right choices to look stunning and feel comfortable on the big day.

We have a wide range of designer wedding dresses and bridal accessories for both you and your bridal party. Our handpicked gowns will help you feel as special as you are on your big day, whether you are searching for a traditional bridal gown, a vintage wedding dress or any other type of style. We can assist in matching the theme of your wedding and will also ensure you have plenty of time for alterations and to feel you are making the right choices at every step of the way in the run up to your wedding.

Booking your wedding dress appointment with our bridal shop in Portsmouth has never been easier. If you would like to book an appointment with Nicola and Josette, please feel free to fill out our simple wedding dress appointment form, or call us on (023) 92 170 320.

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