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A Groom’s Perspective – What to Expect from Bridal Wear and Choosing a Suit

If you are engaged and looking forward to coming in for a wedding dress fitting with your maid of honour and bridesmaids, you’ll know that your partner will be doing exactly the same with his best man and looking for a suit. Here, we talk to the secret groom, who recently got married, about his fears and what he thought of the whole process of buying a suit/wondering what his bride would be wearing.

How did you plan the wedding?

Groom: “Well, we wanted to do absolutely everything together as a couple. No interference from others, it is our day after all. You hear these horror stories how couples have tried to accommodate the wishes of relatives and friends, invite people that they might not necessarily want to be there, family politics and all of that. Instead, we put together a long list of people that would be our dream scenario if budget was no issue and we could invite absolutely everyone that we wanted to. We then went about visiting a few different types of venues as soon as we could to get a grasp on what was available for our budget.”

And how many people did you end up inviting?

“Once we had that long list we thought, ‘why not do this a different way?’ We had started viewing venues pretty soon after getting engaged and wanted to get married within a year to 18-months if possible (it ended up being almost exactly a year since I proposed) but most venues were really expensive for the numbers we would want. In the end we decided to not have a traditional breakfast where we would be left with 60 people that was mainly family and very few close friends (we’ve both got big families with loads of kids) and instead invited everyone on our long list to the wedding ceremony and then straight on to a big party and buffet. We pushed the wedding to mid-afternoon, so it wasn’t too long a day and had a lovely, relaxed day.”

How did you feel about buying a suit and your bride her dress?

“This was the only part of the whole wedding experience where we went our separate ways, with our own budgets and it felt like a little surprise gift to each other. I know that my bride loved the fact that she would be able to treat her sister to a dress (her maid of honour), her niece (flower girl) and buy the dress of her dreams, surrounded by the close family that she loves. For me, I wanted to help on that side too, so when it came time to sort pocket squares for my groomsmen, I made sure our nephew (who was 9 at the time and giving my bride away) had the same design so it would all tie in as one big family. All of this meant that we felt special and that our support network felt as special as they are to us, because we couldn’t have done it without them. And, I’ve got to say, there is nothing quite like the moment I saw the love of my life walking towards me that day, there was nothing to stop the tears flowing.”

How did you choose your suit and attire for your groomsmen?

I never thought the suit and that side of things would be something I would become so invested in. My best man has always had a good fashion sense (maybe that’s why I picked him so I wouldn’t be so nervous when we went for a fitting!), but he was impressed with how much I already knew I wanted prior to going in, and it was a really enjoyable experience. It certainly helped to go to a store where we made a real connection with the guy who saw to us and we knew we could get alterations right up to a couple of days before the wedding.

As for the groomsmen, I wanted my best man to be wearing the exact same suit as me, but without a waistcoat so there was a little difference between us. The rest of the groomsmen, I asked them to wear a certain colour suit and shirt, but it didn’t matter if they were different shades. It was about having that relaxed feel and loose connection between us all. Everything would be tied together by creating a pocket square from fabric that complemented my suit, and I bought them all the same tie. I really couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.”

What would your advice be to couples planning a wedding?

“To go with your gut. What is it that you both want? Don’t listen to any other person on how you should plan it, don’t offer concessions. If people don’t want to come to your wedding day for whatever reason, that is not your fault. It is your day and you should do everything that fits perfectly with what you both want as a couple. We went for a relaxed affair and fell in love with the two venues immediately. We wanted it to be easy for everyone location wise and just a big, relaxed party, and we got what we wanted. But every wedding should be different.”

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