Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range of your dress collection?

In general our dresses range from £500 to £2300 for our made to order dresses, with the majority sitting between £700-£1300. We now include price details of individual gowns on our website so if you like a particualr dress you can find the price on our site. We do also sell our dresses off-the-rail and offer these at a reduced price. Discount on ready-to-wear dresses will vary dependant on age and condition of dress.

Do you sell dresses off the rail?

Yes all of our dresses are avaialble to purchase off the rail (ready-to-wear). All ready-to-wear dresses are available at a reduced price from 5% up to 70% off.

Do you accept walk ins?

We recommend booking an appointment as we only see one bride at a time and would hate for you to have a wasted journey; However if our dressing room is free we will be very happy to see you.

What sizes are your samples?

We are a size inclusive shop and it is one of our main goals to have samples in sizes that every bride can try. We have samples from a size 8 to size 28 in a variety of silhouettes. Wedding dresses tend to run a little small by 1 to 2 sizes so if you are a size 10 on the high street you can expect to wear anywhere between a size 10 to 14 in bridal, dependant on designer and silhouette.

How far ahead of my wedding should I order my dress?

Typically it takes 3-6 months for a dress to come in after it has been ordered and alterations normally take 2 months. So, if you order your dress 8 months before your wedding, then it will be right up against your wedding date. We suggest you order your gown 10 to 12 months before your wedding, that way there is no stress.

Can I bring children to my appointment?

We love children but your appointment should be about you as a bride not as a mum. In our expereinece the appointment can be stressful for the bride if you are more worried about children your behaving. If you have no other option than to bring little ones with you we ask that you bring another adult with you that can look after them. We also ask that children remain seated throughout the appointment. Please feel free to bring something to keep them amused, such as a tablet, as your appointment can last 1-2 hours. Please note we do not allow food in store.

Who should I bring with me to my appointment?

There is no hard and fast rule to this, you can come on your own or with a few of your nearest and dearest. Know that finding your dress can happen when you least expect it so you want to bring the people important to you that you need by your side to allow you to say yes. In our experinece 3 people or less work best, too many guests and it can get a little overwhelming. Remember once you have found your dress you can always come back to try it on with others you might want to share it with.

Do you offer an alteration service?

Yes, we work with local seamstresses, we can offer fittings in store or direct with our seamstress. Please note that our seamstress is a separate independent business to us and you are under no obligation to use any of our referred seamstresses.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Wear what you feel comfortable in. Some of the dresses can be tricky to get in and out of so there will be a stylist helping you change. We do provide a dressing gown but some brides prefer to wear leggings, tights or a body suit. If possible try to wear neutral coloured underwear and if you have a strapless bra that is also handy.

Do I need to bring any shoes with me?

No we have shoes available in store that you can use to try on with dresses